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Mahjong Wizard (Puzzle, Skill)

Cool solitaire style mahjong game with 72 unique levels!

Tricky Demolition (Puzzle, Skill)

Raze skyscrapers with your skills and demolition crane on 45 levels!

Round Runner (Arcade, Skill, Puzzle)

Collect all the golden blocks with you blue hero through 45 levels!

Protect The Museum (Puzzle)

Guard the museum with lasers in this cool puzzle game with 128 levels!

Alien Chain (Action, Arcade)

Rocket shooting chain reaction game with alien spaceships!

My Little Dragon (Virtual Pet, Kids)

Take care of your little dragon, and play many mini games!

Hit The UFO (Action, Skill)

Shoot down the tricky UFO. Action skill game with upgrades!

Foxy Blocks (Puzzle, Physics)

Fun physics based block remover game with foxes!

Ten Basket (Sports, Skill)

Get the most points with 10 balls. Skin upgrades available!

Boat Runner (Action, Skill)

Tap fast to reach the biggest score with your boat!

Steal The Chips (Skill, 2 Player, Kids)

Steal the chips from your friend in this 2 player skill game!

Bottle On Head (Puzzle, Physics)

Shoot down all the bottles from the heads!

Bunny Flap (Action, Skill)

Reach the highest heights and avoid obstacles! Skin upgrades available

Our exclusive games! (NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING)

City Connect (Puzzle, Skill)

Connect the houses in the city with electrict plants in this relaxing connect the pipe game!

Space Rescue (Action, Puzzle, Skill)

Save the astrounauts in outer space from aliens with your spaceship in this unique puzzle&skill game!